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Its been a week since Boris Johnson announced that the UK would offically go into lockdown. The NHS, emergency services and super markets are under immense pressure. So many people are or have been seriously unwell and sadly many have lost their lives to coronavirus. This is a situation we are most certainly feeling the weight and seriousness of. 
Never before has the entire world gone into lock down like this and life as we know it has, all of a sudden, come to a hault. These are strange and uncertain times for all of us. 
Yet through all of this chaos and panic and toilet rolls selling out world wide, so many beautiful things are also happening. So much good has come from this testing time already. As humans we are collectively learning lots about what is really important and we are all having to grow in that direction. 
All of a sudden your wealth is determinded by your health and not your bank balance. Familys are spending more time together. People are going out performing random acts of kindness for those less able/more vulnerable. Nature everywhere is thriving. Pollution is at an all time low. We are taking better care of ourselves, considering what really is impotant, prioritising our elderly, washing our hands more, cleaning things more in general, learning how to make do with what we have around us and really realising who the key workers are. Not just our fantastic NHS staff and emergency services but our bin men, our super market staff, our delivery drivers, etc. These people have perhaps gone unnoticed so far - its hard to see a light in bright times but when everything goes dark, its those bright lights who shine through and keep us all illuminated. 
Living as we know it may have stopped but life continues to go on and just because the shops, pubs and restaurants are closed and we aren't allowed into our usual offices right now doesn't mean we have stopped doing anything at all. Infact, now more than ever is a time where we need somthing to do. 
One thing that we always have around us is nature. Nature is a beautiful reminder that everything will be ok! Nature is still open and will absolutely not cough on you. 
Nature reminds us that if there is no rain then there will be no flowers. Natures teaches us that through weathering storms we get stronger and our roots grow deeper. Nature shows us that nothing is permenant and everything is cyclical. Things won't be this way forever. 
All we can do right now is stay present and be patient and with this in mind Oakdale Bees will be running a promotion for the launch of our new Bee Friendly Boxes!  
Packed full of information and inspiration we aim to educate the nation about bees and other pollinators and how to help us increase their population. 
The kids edition - The Beetective Box has hours of outdoor activities to undertake to encourage the much-needed bee, bug and butterflies. 
Sent in the post and amazing value each pack contains:  
British native wild flower seeds and planting instructions 
A bee magnifying glass to help us find the lost bees 
The base for a butterfly feeding station 
Instructions on how to build a bee hotel 
Rainy day jobs  
Crafting and painting opportunities 
Beetective Certificate stamped with the Oakdale Bees wax seel of approval  
Each pack also contains a free bees wax wrap to pack snacks whilst on bee missions. 
The adults edition - The Bee Friendly Box for grown ups makes a fantastic gift for loved ones or even just to yourself during this time of social distancing.  
With all the information and inspiration you need to create a magical bee friendly space, great for your garden and your soul, each pack includes: 
British native wild flower seeds 
A planting guide 
Bee Friendly booklet packed with information and inspiration 
x2 Bamboo signs for your flowers 
x3 Bee themed postcards 
x1 Small bees wax wrap 
x1 Medium bees wax wrap 
x1 Large bees wax wrap 
Make sure you follow us on social media for available discount codes. 
Sent via postal service with extra love, they make great gifts for those you can't go and visit on their birthdays or to celebrate easter with this year or just a fun gift for yourself if you are looking for something fun and different to do. 
If you have any questions for us please don't hesitiate to get in touch using the comments form below or give us a call on 01753 868816. 
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