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Is Beevitalise safe to use around children and pets? 
Absolutely, we use food grade oils and only natural products however just be mindful of nut allergies. Please ensure you store in a safe place to avoid consumption. 
How to apply 
Please use the lint free cloth provided and take a small amount and using circular movements rub in. A little goes a long way so use sparingly. Aim for an even coat over the whole surface covering small areas at a time rather than large sways. Wait 24 hours and repeat until a lovely shiny protective base is achieved then repeat as required to ensure it remains nourished. Using the further cloth to buff to a shine. 
Will it change the colour? 
You will see a change, but this is not a colour shift but the natural bloom returning. Wood and leather when dehydrated will be a lighter so Beevitalise restores the natural lustre and its organic character. 
Where can I buy elbow grease? 
You will require rather a lot of elbow grease which the Beevitalise range requires. Fortuitously this is free and readily available. You will find this special grease wholly satisfying, rather enjoyable and creates complete mindfulness when applying. 
Wax is a natural product with a melting point of 80°c.  
Please store your Beevitalise range in a cool location away from hot pipes. 
How often can I use it? 
Once you have established a good base on your lovely products then keep it up at least three to four times a year to keep in top condition. 
Are these natural? 
Yes please try to avoid shop bought spray polishes as these are silicone based and only serve to dry out the wood and leather. The Beevitalise range is made from natural ingredients only. No Carnauba or Palm Oils or waxes are used, no turpentine, no spirits, no solvents just natural British beeswax and natural plant oils. 
Beevitalise use nut oils so please do not use if you have a nut allergy. The beeswax contains natural pollens but these are in small quantities. 
Why beeswax? 
Oakdale Bees do sell pure solid beeswax bars which are brilliant for ensuring those draws glide. In it’s natural state it is firm especially when cold (not solid) but hard to apply so we add natural oils (sourced in Britain wherever possible) which enhance and enrich. These natural plant-based oils compliment the beeswax making it easier to apply. A little elbow grease still does go a long way to achieve that super shine. 
Does Beevitalise have an odour? 
Beeswax does have a mild beautiful natural aroma, but we don’t add any essences, essential oils or 
perfumes we don’t understand why they are needed. 
Leather Revive

Leather Revive can be used on all-natural leather items such as sofas, shoes, boots and handbags.

Contains natural ingredients beeswax, plant based oils. No solvents, thinners, turpentine. 100ml.



You can use Revive on all natural real leather goods such as boots, handbags, leather sofas, the list is endless but always do a patch test first. Not to be used on suede or aniline products.

Nourishes and conditions leather.

Apply and allow to dry before reapplying.

Contained in your pack are instructions, a natural cotton cloth to apply and buff ball to create a natural luster. You only need a small amount to rub directly onto the leather then allow it to soak in. Dry before applying further applications to build a lovely natural barrier. Always do a patch test and view instructions.

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  • Came to a Bee Experience Day last week which was so informative, great lunch, picked up some of this lovely leather cleaner/restorer - such a well thought out product and the buffers and cotton cloths that it comes with were a bonus. My old leather sofa has never looked so good thank you
Wood Remedy

Use on all natural woods which it feeds and protects.

Your 100ml pack includes a free cloth to apply and a buff ball to shine. These will require cleaning or please visit our website to see how you can make your own buff balls rather than buying micro cloths.



Use a small amount in a circular motion wiping off any excess. Allow to dry then get buffing, repeat 2 or 3 times until a lovely luster is achieved. Once a layer is achieved then repeat 2 to 3 times per year.

The wood will darken if currently unprotected or dried. There is no colorant added just natural beeswax and oils which create a protective barrier and bring out the original bloom in the wood.

Made with natural beeswax and ethically sourced natural oils. No solvents, silicons, spirits, thinning agents, soy, palm or carnauba waxes. 90% British ingredients.
Beeswax is antibacterial and acts as a natural barrier agent.

Our packaging is made from recycled vegan friendly products.

Always do a patch test.

The Beevitalise range contains traces of nuts. Please follow the instructions.

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Board and Bowl Restore

Rich and restorative this is perfect for chopping boards, salad bowls, butchers blocks and platters. Adding greater waterproof protection whilst nourishing and feeding the wood. Free cloth and buff ball included.



Restore your chopping boards and platters with this rich beeswax mix, nourishing the wood naturally.

No additives, solvents, silicons or thinners just a lush mix of natural plant based oils and beeswax.

We source the oils in the UK from local passionate small producers.

Always do a patch test and read the instructions prior to using.

Apply a small amount on the cloth provided and using circular movements rub in. Wait until completely dry and using the buff ball bring to a natural luster.

Our Beevitalise range contains traces of nuts.

The board or platter will change colour as dried undernourished wood is paler in colour.

Repeat as required and we always encourage you to restore rather than buy new.

This mix is richer than the wood remedy with added beeswax for a greater natural barrier to water damage.

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This product has not yet been reviewed
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