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100% natural sumptuous honey. Unfiltered, unblended and great for your body and soul. This golden delight is harvested in the Spring and Summer each year and can vary greatly depending on the weather, what is grown the fields around us and what is in flower.  
Our natural forest larder includes foxgloves, borage, knapweed, clover, cornflowers. Poppy’s, honeysuckle, brambles, horse chestnut tree pollen and acres of buttercups.  
Oakdale Bees boarders Windsor Forest which is the 1200 acres of Windsor Crown Estates so we rather like to think our bees have vicarious royal connections. 
Once you have purchased local natural honey from an artisan you won’t go back to the squirty mediocrity of shop bought. It may crystallize over time but gently warm and it will return to is golden state, it only takes a few moments. 
Candles are made from 100% bees wax and the smell is as heady as the glow is warming. Did you know that a natural bees wax candle glow emulates the same hue as sunlight proven to make us feel happier even (especially on dark days). 
Some cheaper candles omit the same toxic nasties as standing next to an old diesel car which is offensive to us and certainly our pets. 
Oakdale offers rolled, moulded and bespoke candles. Interested in candle making then please read more about our experience days which we run each year between April and October in the Windsor Bee Barn.  
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