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Goodbye plastic; banish the cling film, zero the plastic, bin the tin foil and help reduce the single use plastic footprint by using these attractive bees wax food wraps which full biodegrade after a year of daily use.  
100% natural ingredients from our lovely British Bees Wax they are a great alternative to plastic clingfilm for food storage. 100% plastic free. They keep food fresher for longer. The food does not sweat like in can in plastic's but the natural cotton and bees wax lets the food breathe. We have a wide range in our shop which may be subject to some fabric substitutions and we can prepare packs to meet your corporate branding  
Your wrap is so versatile and great for all kitchen goodies. Packing for your holiday; why not take it with you when packing soaps and wooden tooth brushes to truly ditch the plastic both home and abroad. They are self-sealing and all you have to do is give them a little hug and the warmth of your hands will mould them around the food items, locking in the freshness.  
Who doesn’t love a hug? 
Great for: All food such as breads, sandwiches (kids love them), fruit and veg, placing over bowl food and salads, snacks, perfect for picnics, brilliant for cheese, breads, pastries, left overs. they are airtight, fun, good for the soul and amazing for the planet so go on and give them a try and don’t forget the hug. 
Tips for using; Avoid for raw meat and fish, try and keep from heat, washing machines, dishwashers or brilliant sunshine. If you do find yours starts to lack a little lustre then just pop it in the oven for a four to five minutes (150c) and the bees wax will start to redistribute (careful it gets rather hot). Wipe them clean after every use with a cold damp cloth or run under the tap and just keep using them again and again trying to keep dry between uses. You will find after 6 to 12 months you will need to replace them but pop them on the compost and off we go again. 
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