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We talk a lot about being sustainable and everyone else seems to be shouting about it these days too. It can be a bit overwhelming if you are new to the game and we totally understand. 
Social media can have us falling into the trap of thinking it is easy to just change your lifestyle and habits over night. We just wanted to remind you that, it’s not! 
If it was easy, we would have saved the planet by now and everyone would be reusing their shower water to make a morning coffee and growing their own food in the compost they produce from their own food waste. 
It is really important to remember that most of what we do as adult humans is habitual. We have been doing it for enough time that it just sort of happens. It is pretty normal to just do the stuff that we have been taught to do but the question we are all asking ourselves now is, do we want to be normal? Is normal really that great? If normal means we destroy our one and only planet does that make it ok? 
So how can we start to become better? How do we go from this point now to the point where normal IS reusing our shower water to make coffee in the morning? 
Perhaps you don’t have a composting bin. Maybe you have never heard of a beeswax wrap. It’s possible you can’t yet afford solar panels to be fitted to the house or haven't yet found your local produce markets and zero waste shops. That’s ok, there is a step that comes before doing all this “stuff”. 
There are two things you do have right now and the good news is that they are both free and at your disposal. 
Your mind 
Your time 
Becoming mindful is the first step to becoming sustainable. If you do not actually see the problem or spend any time contemplating it, how will you ever change it? 
Ignorance is bliss as they say, but so is eating cake for breakfast and (sadly) these are not sustainable ways to live. 
It is uncomfortable to sit and realise how much waste you produce, it makes you feel bad. That’s where it gets tricky. Walking away from negativity is a wonderful way to live but how can we make positive change without feeling like something is wrong? 
If you can spend a moment considering/looking at how much unnecessary waste you have produced today then we guarantee something will happen. It might not be that you magically transform into a zero waste expert overnight but it will be that you find yourself WANTING to make a difference to your own impact. That is the first step and we all know the first step is the most important in any journey, every other step relies on it. 
Take a moment and see what happens, we dare you. 
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